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ADHD is a term that seems to appear in many dialogues lately. Often times it is grossly misunderstood and being "fidgety" in class is just one of many symptoms. ADHD is a learning disability that affects a vast number of students, in particular boys. The ramifications are staggering. Impulse control, inability to see the big picture, high risk of substance abuse, lack of focus or organization are just a few of the life altering impacts that  not only detrimentally affect kids, but demoralize them. Thus, taking on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT can be daunting, if not impossible tasks. College Insights has prepped students for over 25 years, many of whom need the additional services that only one on one specialized tutoring can provide. Free online test prep sounds great until you have a student that cannot regulate time management. College Insights has specific ADHD/2e  test taking strategies which give students skills that ensure positive results. College Insights offers the only guaranteed test score improvements in the area.